Best Series To Watch On Amazon Prime Video


The Best Series To Watch On Prime Video - Amazon Prime:

Web series are the ones that save us,  when we get bored, there are so many platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime video and so many more.

We are gonna talk about the Best series available on Amazon Prime today.

Amazon prime providing the best web series that get addicted to the story very easily. 

So if you have a habit of watching we series or just started your prime video subscription to enjoy your free time watch web series this best series list going to be very useful for you.

All you need is a Prime video subscription, all these are available in prime video.

1. The Boys

We all love superheroes and their movies. numerous movies and show releases from marvel every year. 
But the Boys series is very different from other superhero movies that you watched in the past, and that's the highlight of this series. Boys web series is satirical to the other superhero shows. 

The mainline in the boys series is the heroes who should save lives get corrupted and some common people go against the superheroes to show their real faces to the world. 
So Superheroes vs main characters is the plot.
The boys web series has so much violence in it, so every character in this show filled with so much madness. 
Believe me, you don't wanna miss this web series.

2. The Office

This is a story about some crazy people doing their regular boring jobs. This is an awesome comedy series. Once you start watching this series you won't stop until you finish it, it may take some time to get along with all the characters, you can't stop watching this series. This series is very and engaging.

3. Mirzapur

This is a story about 2 brothers from a normal middle-class family who became powerful Gangsters in a city called Mirzapur in Uttarpradesh. 
Pankaj Tripathi's flawless acting and Perfect Direction made this show one of the best.
Another important thing about this series is every supporting character has importance.
This is the best Gangster show, so don't miss it.

4. Breath 

This is one of the best series that Madhavan did. This is a thriller series that shows the bond between a father and son. 
We saw a lot of shows with police and serial killer, this series also uses the same formula. 

You won't feel bored in any scene of this show. amith and Madhavan their performances in this series are the best in this prime series.

5. Dexter

In this series, dexter is a very complicated person. 
He works in the forensic department in the day, he becomes a psycho killer at night. 
He is the main reason why everyone gets addicted to this show. So in every episode, he has to anticipate and escape from the police. 
The main character Michael C haul acting is just marvelous. 
If you like serial killer stories then don't miss the dexter web series in prime video.

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